Swarovski Crystal Tabur

Swarovski Crystal Tabur

Bawal Warisan is our signature Japanese Voile square scarves which we imported directly from Japan. This top quality Voile (or tudung bawal in Malay) has been our staple product for more than 20 years. The yarn is durable and long lasting quality, giving you a sturdy scarf for years to come. You won't be disappointed with this product.

Tudung Bawal Warisan plain is neatly cut at the size of approximately 43" x 43". It is then adorned with Swarovski Elements crystals which give the luxurious shine and exclusitivity for the scarf.

With almost 100 colors to choose, you will be spoilt with choices.

(Please note that the colors may turn out slightly different in real life as each screen has different color settings)

To order, select the total quantity and during checkout, please quote the color(s) you would like to order in the "Comment" section before payment. The full color chart can be viewed in 'Catalogue' > 'Bawal Warisan' > 'Basic' .

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